Jay Pantone

Assistant Professor
Marquette University


The Asymptotic Number of Simple Singular Vector Tuples of a Cubical Tensor

S. Ekhad and D. Zeilberger recently proved that the multivariate generating function for the number of simple singular vector tuples of a generic \(m_1 \times \cdots \times m_d\) tensor has an elegant rational form involving elementary symmetric functions, and provided a partial conjecture for the asymptotic behavior of the cubical case \(m_1 = \cdots = m_d\). We prove this conjecture and further identify completely the dominant asymptotic term, including the multiplicative constant. Finally, we use the method of differential approximants to conjecture that the subdominant connective constant effect observed by Ekhad and Zeilberger for a particular case in fact occurs more generally.

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